Legacy Arts Ensemble

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Legacy Arts Ensemble


Our Roots

Founded in 2015 by Traci Jai (Temne, Sierra Leone) and Khary Kamau (Kissena, Burkina Faso), and comprised of artists who have traced their african ancestry through DNA, the mission of The Legacy Arts Ensemble is to utilize traditional West African storytelling, music, and dance as a means of activating ones own legacy and empowering audiences to embrace and celebrate their Roots.


Legend of Igbo Landing

A traditional tale told an original way

What happens when 75 Nigerian captives lead one of the most infamous slave rebellions known (but not often discussed) in American History?
With music, dance, poetry, and much rhythm, LAE takes you on yet another gut wrenching, exciting, comedic and thought provoking, journey through this urban legend.
Come celebrate culture with The Legacy Arts Ensemble. 
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